Aren’t these awesome?  They reminded me of a modern day lady version of the Greek god Hermes’ shoes.  Smile  Apparently they’re put out by Victoria’s Secret but I don’t know if they’re available for any goddess-aspiring woman to buy or if they’re only for the Victoria’s Secret Angels runway models.  Either way, I love the sparkle and I love the wings.  Certainly something a Mrs Batman could wear!  I could definitely go places in these.  Winking smile 

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One thought on “Tootsies

  1. Pretty sure everything the Victoria’ Secret models wear on the runway are for sale at Victoria’s Secret. That’s kinda the point of being a model, to model clothes and accessories for you to see then say “Wow. If I bought that crap, I would look just like her.”
    In reality, it’s bullshit. Wearing those clothes won’t make you look like those models. You’d have to reverse the effects of aging and child birth, probably loose some weight, get a nose job, boob job, take up vomitting and get a personal trainer and have a labatomy to look like those models.

    Lobotomy! Oh my gosh, have you ever seen the movie Frances, with Jessica Lange? Totally freaked me out on lobotomies when I saw it! *shudder*


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