Thursday Thankfulness

I thought quite a bit about whether or not to publish this post.  Typically, I don’t “go there” (you’ll know what I mean) but in thinking about it, I figured, what the hey, why not?  This is about thankfulness, and this is something I’m thankful for on a daily basis, and you probably are too. 

What am I talking about?

That original implant material of developing girls, the necessary fodder for Halloween pranks, what you use when you run out of tissue … yes, toilet paper. 

It’s amazing what humans have used to take care of that need before TP was invented.  I’ve heard of the left hand of India (gag me!), and of course leaves and rags, but corncobs?  Sand?  Yeeoouucchhh!  That’s just too painful to think about!  I’m sure desperate times called for desperate measures, but that’s taking things too far, in my book.  Speaking of books, those were used too – at least the pages were.  That gives “reading in the can” a whole new meaning.  image

I’m grateful I don’t have to wash out rags or sponges, scrape with shells or coconuts, or share a stick with strangers.  I live in an age that is infinitely more sanitary and disposable.  And gentler on the tushie.  Who couldn’t use a little gentleness in their life? 

So thank you Mr. Gayetty, for introducing the first packaged TP in the US.  🙂

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12 thoughts on “Thursday Thankfulness

  1. whatigotsofar

    You don’t know how to use the three seashells?


    No, and I don’t want to! Do I?


  2. whatigotsofar

    In all seriousness, toilet paper is an obsolete technology. This is the 21st century. A long time ago, I blogged about the future of the toilet, read it here, then tell me if you still want toilet paper.

    Oooooooh! It looks so magical! I want one!


    • WIGSF – just sent your post on the Washlet around the globe, it’s great. What a riot. Nope I guess we aren’t in Kansas any longer.

      Isn’t that the awesomest thing you’ve ever seen?


  3. I’m thankful for it, too. When I was in high school my family went through a terrible time of abject poverty, and received food from various churches. Mom pointed out that nobody ever thinks of including toilet paper in these care packages, though it’s almost as much a necessity as food. I never forgot that.

    Is really is a necessity. Despite WIGSF’s magical potty, most people don’t – and aren’t going to – have one of those. In the meantime, TP is a requirement. And you’re right, most folks don’t think to include that kind of thing in care packages.


  4. You are just way too cute. While Darc is running around stressed, well you know. Amazing human being kiddo (you).

    😳 You’re way too nice to me dear. Thank you. 🙂


  5. My stepdad has a fear of running out of toilet paper. There is one storage closet in my parents house devoted to TP. I think it’s kind of a disease.

    It probably is. If I had an empty closet I’d probably devote it to TP too, and tissue.


  6. Toilet paper feeds my family.
    I am honored you chose to write about it! :o)

    LOL You’re welcome! And thank you for providing it for the rest of us!


  7. steve

    I’d like to shake the guy’s hand that invented the stuff.

    Me too! I think he’s amazing. 🙂


  8. Hmmm….this kind of fits in with yesterday’s theme…

    LOL I guess I have plumbing on the brain. 😀


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