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The Nielsen Company, which takes TV set ownership into account when it produces ratings, will tell television networks and advertisers on Tuesday that 96.7 percent of American households now own sets, down from 98.9 percent previously.

via tv-ownership-nytimes: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance.

It’s not the TV I  object to – I love TV.  It’s the enormously high cable bills I’m no longer willing to pay.  Count me among those finding alternative forms of entertainment. 

The data breach comes on top of the 77 million PlayStation accounts it has already said were jeopardized by a malicious intrusion.

via Sony says 25 million more accounts hacked – Video Games Blog Plugged In – Yahoo! Games.

PlayStation Network users beware!  I know they were down for something like 10 days.  Heh, it was probably cable hackers getting even for those of us finding alternative forms of entertainment.

a federal lawsuit alleging that the firm, Atlanta-based Aaron’s Inc., loaded computers with spyware to track renters’ keystrokes, make screenshots and even take webcam images of them using the devices at home

via Suit against PC renter raises privacy questions – Yahoo! News.

This gives whole new meaning to the term “spyware”! 

Doug Flutie’s daughter, Alexa, was recently selected to join the New England Patriots 2011 cheerleader team. The 23-year-old reigning Miss Massachusetts was one of 31 women to make the squad.

via Doug Flutie’s daughter will be a Patriots cheerleader – Shutdown Corner – NFL Blog – Yahoo! Sports.

As a Patriots fan, I just thought this was fun.  Smile  Doug’s daughter is the real “Flutie Cutie” although dad is still a contender. 

every food on this list boasts multiple healing effects, from fighting cancer to reducing cholesterol, guarding against heart disease, and more

via 12 Foods With Super-Healing Powers.

Super foods!  Sometimes it really amazes me how awesome our food is. 

Here are the 16 worst (and most confounding) gifts Shine moms have unwrapped or unleashed their fury over on Mother’s Day

via Heinous clothing in the wrong size – You told us! The absolute worst Mother’s Day gifts on Shine.

Yep, Mother’s Day is this weekend!  This is a funny list of the kind of gifts not to buy for that special mom you might know. 

Also this weekend, the Kentucky Derby!  Yay, horses, racing, mint juleps, woo!  Open-mouthed smile   

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Hubble Telescope 21st Anniversary

via 21st anniversary of Hubble Space Telescope’s … – Yahoo! News Photos.

Like space?  You’ll love these shots!

A Curbed SF reader sent us the above video of a magical garage door in the Upper Haight.

via Upper Haight Features World’s Coolest Garage Door – Yahoo! News.

Maybe the coolest garage door EVER

2011 Underwater Photography Contest

via MarsaAlam – Yahoo! News Photos.

Some really cool under water pictures.  I like the goby fish – colorful AND translucent.   

A man turning dirt in his back yard stumbled onto buried treasure — hundreds of pieces of centuries-old jewelry and other precious objects that Austrian authorities described Friday as a fairy-tale find.

via Austrian authorities reveal find of buried treasure – Yahoo! News.

Talk about being in the right place at the right time! 

We wouldn’t dare rank our nation’s natural assets—who could choose between Yosemite and Yellowstone? But the man-made attractions? You bet. Behold, our picks for the country’s most epic buildings, monuments, and engineering feats, with advice for navigating them smarter, better, and with fewer crowds.

via Awe-Inspiring American Monuments.

Made in America!
Some of our finest monuments. 

History’s once glorious metropolises have become ever more sought-after destinations as Americans get back into travel mode.

via 10 Cities of the Lost World.

Some ancient wonders to behold.  I think Petra is my favorite.

all of the cars on this year’s list of the Worst Cars on the Road are (still) made by domestic companies. That includes the Dodge Dakota, Chevy Tahoe Hybrid and Chrysler Town & Country. The only American car company with zero vehicles on the list? Ford.

via The Worst Cars On The Road – Yahoo! Autos.

Could your car be on the list?

The 8 craziest beds you’ll ever see

via Greatest mattress inventions in recent history – The 8 craziest beds you’ll ever see on Shine.

Okay, how do you get “military corners” on a hamburger bed?

I’ve come up with a neat idea. Neat to me, that is. I’ve had some very nice people take various pictures that involve Joel. His name places, places with the name Joel in them…Joel related. I really enjoy them. They make me happy & I think it’s neat (maybe that’s my favorite word) to have pictures from different people from different places who think “this reminds me of them” or “I think I’ll do this for them.” I’ve also discussed the fact that so many people in real life seem to be scared to even utter his name. I’d like to change that, while at the time expanding this neat thing.

For this, I bring you 365 Days With Joel.

via 365 Days With Joel: 365 Days With Joel: A Project.

Check out one mommy’s way to make memories of her baby who was stillborn.  And maybe send in a picture yourself.  Smile

Weird Houses

via Reaganite Republican: Weird Houses.

The Hello Kittty one was … pink, but the Monopoly house made me laugh out loud.  Open-mouthed smile

Some fun and interesting things to check out.  Smile  Have an awesome day!

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This Week’s Thoughts

Some interesting stuff I’ve seen around the web this week and thought I’d share with you.  Smile

Pierley/Redford personality test

via A Fascinating, Weird Personality Test | Hooking Up Smart.

This test really is weird.  The personality part is something only you can decide.  Winking smile
Timelapse Video of San Francisco-to-Paris Flight Captures Aurora Borealis – Yahoo! News. This video is über-cool!

This letter-to-the-editor actually appeared in a major San Francisco newspaper…

via Reaganite Republican: SHAME ON YOU, Hunters!.

I can help it – I get giggle fits every time I see this.  😆
The best chocolate bars – Food on Shine. Nomnomnom, chocolate!
10 Places Every Kid Should See. Not just the kids!  Heck, I want to visit these places too!
Why North Dakota may be best state in country to live in: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance. Thinking of relocating?  Here are a few reasons to check out ND.

Happy Thursday!


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Police: Ohio Woman Choked Walmart Greeter, 71. All right, I’ve gotten kind of indignant myself over the invasiveness of some of the “checkpoint Charlie” types of Walmart greeters.  Some of them take their jobs a little too seriously.  But to go all out and assault them and try to choke them to death?  Well, I wouldn’t go that far. 
Five Weird But Wonderful Homes. Fun to look at and visit, but would you want to live there?
Skateboard Mogul Tony Hawk Leaves Wife for Best Friend’s Wife. I had no idea what a dirtbag Tony Hawk is.  Not that I ever followed his career any more than I followed Tiger Woods’ career, but you hear about people. 

1- More than a fifth of adults believe light sabers exist.
2- Almost 25 percent of people believe humans can be teleported.
5- Almost one-fifth of adults believe they can see gravity.

via Survey Reveals Britons Believe Sci-Fi Technologies Already Exist.

I sincerely hope these are the same 20-25% of people.  That’s still too high a number for such blatant ignorance!  See gravity?  Come on!  They have to be joking, right?


Just some of the less than serious stuff that I come across in my daily news hounding.  Smile

I can’t remember how March came in, but it looks like it’s going out like a lamb for us. 

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imageMy loving husband sent me an article a few days ago, “Why Internet Explorer will survive and Firefox won’t.”  He knows of my love for Firefox, the one he turned me on to in the first place, to get me away from the pop-up and hacker-friendly  Internet Explorer.  I was kind of sad when I read the article.  If you’ve known me for any length of time, you know how passionate I am about FireFox and being able to use my beloved add-ons.  Oh my gosh I love add-ons!  Once I found them, I barely gave IE a wave goodbye. 

That was in 2005.  Seems like so long ago, and I guess in tech-years, that’s like centuries or something.  I’ve been locked in embrace with FireFox ever since and haven’t regretted it in the least.

Oh, I looked at Chrome.  With a bit of trepidation.  Seems like Google was using it to gather lots of private information. 

Not interested in Opera very much.  There’s nothing wrong with it or anything, it just wasn’t my speed.  Although, they’re coming out with a new version soon. 

This month has been a big month in the “browser wars.”  War?  Really?  Why not battles?  I like the alliterative qualities of that better.  Browser battles.  Smile  All three of the biggies made major upgrades this month.  All showing off for our attention, wooing us with their features. 

I read the article my husband sent me.  Looked like FF was on the outs, and IE9 and Chrome were neck and neck for the lead.  IE9 has some bang-up new features, so they say, and Chrome backed off on the privacy issues and also had some cool beans features, and the kids in the know say both have awesome add-ons.

Add-ons?  One of my drugs of choice.  Smile

I went to check it out and frankly, while they’re making great strides, they can’t compete with my beloved FireFox

Then I came across these articles: Firefox 4 downloads eclipse Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4 usage share is twice Internet Explorer 9 in half the time.

So it looks like FireFox just might be around longer than the writer of the first article thinks.  Heh.  Smile  I sure am happy about that!

But I’m playing with IE9 and Chrome anyway.  I guess it’s good for a girl to know a bit about the other prospects in the neighborhood. 

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This Week’s Thoughts

Who could think of Elizabeth Taylor and not think of beauty?  Violet eyes and coal black hair.  She had a glamour and a certain charisma that many have tried to copy, and most have failed.  She was a lovely child who grew into a beautiful woman, seeming to skip that awkward teen phase all together. 

And the era’s end caught me by surprise.  So, Adieu Miss Elizabeth.  We bid you sweet farewell.

Elizabeth Taylor was born with it, but the rest of us have to work at it.  Even at that we probably barely get a passing grade in comparison!  LOL  I found these beauty tips online and thought I’d share them with you.

11 one-ingredient DIY face masks

4 Do-It-Yourself Hair Remedies

For sure I am going to try some of these!  Ha, I even remember the girls using some of these tricks back in the 70s, when the whole “natural” movement started. 

More important than outer beauty though, is inner beauty.  Some people ignore that, have you noticed?  We need to cultivate that too.  Kindness, compassion, empathy.  Too bad there’s not an avocado mask for any of those!  Those require real work!  It’s kind of sad, I think, that our society doesn’t seem to reward that kind of beauty as much as it does the outer beauty of a person. 

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via Rainbow Roses Are Extra Special Flowers For The Extra Special People In Your Life – The Fun Times Guide.

These are so freaking cool! 
Forever foods: 9 cooking staples that can outlast you on Shine. Sugar!  Will last forever!  Not just on your shelf but your hips too!
How to Speed-Clean Your Kitchen – Yahoo! Shopping. Helpful tips for the job that can never go fast enough.  Smile
5 Things Not to Say to Someone Who Was Just Laid Off – Always good advice – especially today when you probably know, or will know soon, someone who has been laid off.
Fecal Matter Found on 72 Percent of Grocery Carts – EWWW!  How the heck does this kind of thing even happen?!  You need a haz-mat suit just to go grocery shopping anymore!  Yuck!
Eat This for Gorgeous Skin on Shine. Some great tips to help you look purty.  Smile
World’s Most Beautiful Buildings
Some cool buildings to look at.
Five things you never knew about Pac-Man – Video Games Blog Plugged In – Yahoo! Games. They weren’t all after you – it just felt that way.  Winking smile
Biology of Crime: How Criminal Minds Are Different From Yours – I still say killers are made, not born, and still responsible for their actions.
Oral sex now main cause of oral cancer: Who faces biggest risk? – Health Blog – CBS News. I knew you’d want to see this one! 
subway-passes-mcdonalds: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance. I honestly didn’t think this would happen in my lifetime. 
Kellogg’s® Share Your Breakfast – Sharing Breakfast with America’s Children. A super worthy cause – c’mon, feed a kid! 

Charlie Sheen qualifies as a man-caused disaster, IMO. 
Our upstairs neighbors had a baby boy!  We didn’t even know until they put a little sign by their door.  How awesome for them! 


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